Please Hide the Packages from My Husband

Please Hide the Packages from My Husband

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Please Hide Packages from Husband Doormat | Funny Doormat | Funny Entry Way Rug | Welcome Doormat | Hide Packages Doormat
Add some special style and surprise visitors to your home, your store, your office


Design is an ink that infused within the fibers of the mat. This design will not peel, crack, or fade.


Door mats are light color material with a gray border.  Made of Polyethylene.  Size ranges from 18 in x 30 in ”.  This door mat has a recycled rubber backing, easy to clean.  Door mats are printed using sublimation ink which will not fade or rub off.  The ink is absorbed directly into the material.

  • Care Instructions


    Remove dirt and spills quickly so they don’t have time to set in.


    • Firmly hold the corners of the rug while shaking vigorously. Continue shaking until rug is free from debris.


    Vacuum your polyester rug frequently to keep dirt from staining the rug fibers. Vacuum both sides of the rug often.


    If your rug only has a few areas that need to be cleaned, spot cleaning is a great method.

    • Remove any excess moisture or debris from the spot.
    • Blot liquids (like urine or wine) with a clean towel. If the stain has dried, use the edge of a utensil to remove solid debris.
    • Mix together water and a small amount of mild detergent.
    • Use a clean sponge to blot the spot with the detergent water. Be sure not to rub as this can drive the stain further into the fibers.
    • Clean the sponge and repeat until the stain is gone. Then rinse the rug with clean water until all the soap is removed.
    • Hang rug to dry.
    • Once rinsed, roll the rug up tight and stand it upright for several minutes to remove excess water.
    • Unroll the rug and let it sit in the sun to finish drying.
    • Be careful not to use harmful chemicals on your rug